Who is the Revolutionary Front?

We, workers from different companies, sectors and organizations, are joining together in the Revolutionary Front, because our revolutionary unification across the borders of companies and cities is necessary. It doesn’t matter what passport or skin color you have, whether you are a contract worker or a permanent employee – we are one class.

We lead the class struggle inside and outside the trade unions against capital and its war, and we are also organizing to turn the trade unions back into fighting organizations. In the struggle against the rulers in our own country, we are part of the international struggle of the working class.

Let us expropriate the expropriators, the billionaires who are destroying the wealth we have created. Let us prevent them from plundering the state coffers, which we alone keep filling, by marching against the government of capital and leading the struggle for a workers‘ government.

Our goal is revolution and workers‘ power over the factories and the entire state. To put an end to exploitation, fascism and war. So that we can build a future in which what is produced is for the benefit of humanity and not for the profit of the billionaires.